Japan Overview


Perland is a majority shareholder in Kishinchand Chellaram (Japan) KK, a property investment and management company established in Japan since 1915. It owns portfolio of commercial and residential properties.

Kaycee Court

Kaycee Court is a seven storey mixed use building located in the heart of Kobe’s popular touristic Kitano area. The first two floors have an arcade of shops and boutiques providing wedding related specialist services. The upper floors have luxurious residential apartments.

Maple Okamoto

Maple Okamoto is a four storeys building located in popular Okamoto shopping street, very close to Hankyu Okamoto station. The street is very popular with young crowd and the tenant line-up includes big brands of gift shops, restaurants and nail and beauty salons.

Evergreen Port Island

Evergreen Port Island is a block of spacious residential apartments in a complex located in Port Island, a man-made island in the Kobe bay area.

Simple Life Motomachi

Simple Life Motomachi is an eight storey residential building providing 22 Studio apartments, located on the edge of Motomachi Shopping Street in Kobe Shopping district.


Kusatsu is a convenience store on the ground floor of a 30 storeyed building adjoining to Kusatsu JR station near Osaka City, let to large convenience stores chain K CIRCLE.

ITC Building

ITC Building: Office building in the Business District of Kobe where the company owns 9th floor housing its own office from where it runs its Japanese operations.


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